Group Structure

The affairs of the entire Ministry are directed by a team of officers at the centre under the leadership of:

National Coordinator/Leader - offers leadership at the centre nationally to all the members of the group. The driver of the group's vision and mission, he shall preside over all the strategic policy making organs of the ministry.

Council of Elders - Council of elders from within the ministry that acts in advisory capacity to the leadership of the ministry.

Assistant National Coordinator - reports to the National Coordinator and assist the leader in the running of the ministry affairs. He conducts the after service Sunday meetings. He is in the forefront of the group's interaction with the church and transmit outcomes of such meetings to the leadership of the ministry.

General Secretary - handles all the administrative and secretarial duties of the ministry, oversees its secretariat, handles day to day operations of the ministry and interfaces with the target groups we serve.

The Financial Secretary - the chief financial officer of the ministry, he regulates, supervises and implements a timely, full and accurate set of accounts of the ministry, reflecting all its actions. Implement continuous financial audit and control systems to monitor the performance of the ministry, its flow of funds, the adherence to budget etc. Complies with all reporting, accounting and audit requirements imposed by the best global practices. His concurrence is crucial before any disbursement by the ministry.

The Treasurer - Keeps the group funds and disburses as appropriate once the concurrence and approval of the ministry leader and financial secretary is obtained. Obtained Bank Statements and conducts reconciliation with the financial secretary, produces monthly reports on the ministry's financial position.

State Coordinators (Orphanage/Rehabilitation/Prison/ Senior Citizens' and Support) - these leaders shall be responsible for the conduct of the affairs of their sub groups at the state level. They shall be expected to produce in advance a comprehensive, well thought-out and life transforming outreach programmes for their groups.

Coordinator for all branches/zones/regions

These are the principal office holders but there are other positions and officers that assist in the running of the ministry affairs.

Below is the line structure for the Ministry Operations at the Headquarters and at the Branch/Zone/Regional levels in all FM Churches worldwide.

Criteria For Membership

  • You must be born again.
  • You must have done water baptism by immersion
  • Received Holy Ghost Baptism
  • Pass through Foundational / Membership Class of the Church
  • Pass through The Foundational Class of the Ministry
  • Have passion for the abandoned, neglected and needy in our midst
  • You must be broken