Dear Care-Givers-in -training in the Vineyard of We Care Ministry,

It is with unequalled thrill and joy of the Highest God, that I warmly welcome you to the wonderful world of We Care Ministry, the Ministry at the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ and one that makes the heart of our father-in-the-lord and General Overseer of Mountain of Fire And Miracles Ministries, Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya and my humble self, beat with endless joy. It is indeed a thing of beauty and joy to still see in our compassion-weary world today, willing souls who have chosen to be the anointed vessels in the hands of the Lord to care, help, and lift others. Also just as they joyfully spread the sunshine of happiness, success and progress to the lives of the less endowed in our society, who are desperately crying and looking for listening ears, healing hearts and helping hands to raise them up and empower them to discover and fulfilled their manifest destiny.

Kindness is the golden chain which binds society together for good and I have no doubt that as you settle down to the mandatory courses in the Foundational Class, you will take full advantage of the priceless lessons learnt, all of which will help nourish your mind, soul, spirit and hands to become Care-Givers unlike any other. May the good God uphold you to the end to become His right and most valuable vessels in the great mission of enriching dreams and transforming destinies, in the marvelous name of our Lord Jesus.

To see things in the seed, that is the genius, and I see all of you finding the perfect area of your calling wherever your heart of God and golden deeds, working with the right of the Lord, ultimately leads you. Thoughts become things. It is always wise for you to choose the right and good ones, and by choosing to be by the side of the poor, the forsaken and forgotten, the untouchable, the unlovable and the orphans in our society, you have chosen a good heritage in Christ Jesus, and you will be rewarded in the fullness of time with the ceaseless flow of God's awesome favour, grace and all-round protection in Jesus marvelous name. The excellent choice you are making today is set to trigger a ripple-effect of blessings beyond measure positively in your way and from generations to generations sooner than you can ever imagine.


Where there is love you always find a way. And where there is love especially of the unconditional kind practiced by every member of the We Care Ministry, there are always miracles.

The Ministry that you have found yourselves have done some exploits beyond belief.

Some of the children our members have helped raise were precious gems picked up from the gutters of neglect in the past by our committed members, but who are now experiencing unbelievable turnarounds in their lives. A few of them are now, to the glory of God, pursuing their Ph.D programmes in the universities across the nation. Some inmates that soul-winners in We Care Ministry help bring to redeeming light of Christ, have become pastors and professionals of substance, mirroring the newfound presence of God in their totally transformed lives, and passionately serving as the leading lights of the endless possibilities which only care and love can achieve. They are now involved in the making of a new man and woman that will serve the world better, wiser, smarter and leave it a better and happier place than he or she met it.

It is small moments such as these, which many take for granted in our daily encounter with the needy in our midst, that has often led to unforgettable impacts in the lives of the needy right round the world in which We Care Ministry is ordained to help make happen. It has helped raise many an otherwise neglected souls from ground zero to the mountain top of heroes, from nonentities into celebrities in our society today, and from the looked-down-upon 'who are you lowly' status to the podium of the who's who in the society.

As you, therefore settle down for the humble life of discipleship in the Foundation Class of We Care Ministry of the Mountain of Fire And Miracles Ministry, with the fear of God and tender-loving care for the plight of the needy in our world, we must be acutely aware that our thoughts, our words and deeds are painting some pictures around us. Let's endeavour to make ours attractively rosy sending the right fragrance of love that attracts as it beautifies, and that transforms our environment overall.


And we should eschew the temptation to seek for worldly returns bearing in mind of the ultimate sacrifice of our Lord Jesus for our own lifting. Real kindness seeks no return. What return can the world make to rain-clouds or the sunshine and breeze and the good life that comes from our Creator? It is always better to light the candle than curse the darkness.

And my final counsel as you settle down to a life dedicated to the service of others through the training you receive with thanks to the inspirational signpost of our Lord Jesus and at the insights of foundational class : Don't go through life, but Grow through life.

I wish you a most fulfilling and life-transforming experience in your training that will generate positive impact to the world you are ordained to go. all out to make a better, happier, safer and heaven-on-earth place for all to live in on our way to eternity with Christ Jesus.

Pastor Dr. (Mrs) Shade Olukoya


Pastor Dr. (Mrs) Shade Olukoya